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If you know of any other organisations that you would like me to share on this website, please feel free to contact me by email.
Because we should encourage each other to feed the poor and do good deeds.  

Blue Hope

Building wells in Togo, Senegal, Nepal, and Burkina Faso so that our brothers and sisters can have clean water to drink, wash and make vodoo.

Whatsapp: +49157 59222783

Muslim Hands

 Engage with the most vulnerable people around the world by addressing the root causes of poverty and strengthening communities. Wells, orphans, education, health, mosques, etc.

Whatsapp: +44 (0)7862137222

Hand in Hand/Hilfe für Sham

Buying batteries for families in Syria so that they have electricity for light, cooker, washing machine, heating, router, etc..
You donate the money and they buy the batteries and install them there.

Whatsapp: +4915221647619

Help the poor and the needy e.V.

Ramadan Iftar packages for 2022 in the Gambia to give them what they cannot afford: Coffee, tea, dates, oil, milk powder, sugar, flowers, mayonnaise, etc.

Whatsapp: +49176 43276016

MHM Hilfe für jeden in Not e.V. 

Sustainable project in the Gambia/West Africa - The orphans and villagers should be able to provide for themselves in the future. For this purpose, they are provided with certain machines and infrastructure.
Donate for wells, water pumps, electricity etc.  


Syria is in the grip of a brutal civil war that has forced millions of Syrians to flee. They are all in urgent need of help.
10 emergency packages with blankets, water canisters, sleeping mats and cooking sets for refugee families cost 520 euros. An all-weather tent costs 360 euros. 

OrphanCare Foundation 

OrphanCare Foundation Malaysia works to ensure that institutionalised children and unplanned newborns whose lives are at risk are given the chance to grow up in the care of a loving family. Donate now. Every child needs a family.

African Human 
Hilfe für Afrika e.V

In many regions of Malawi there has been very little rain this year, so maize, which is the staple food here, could not be harvested so far. Families have to go hungry.

Whatsapp: +265883597243

Molham Team

The team launches emergency relief campaigns to meet the needs of civilians in distressed areas affected by bombing, displacement or harsh weather conditions.

Whatsapp: +4915213655451

Mein Brunnen in Afrika

They create a better water supply (with clean drinking water) for the people in Ghana, Togo and Niger, enabling children to attend school regularly.

Whatsapp: +49 178 2830409

Nächstenliebe ohne Grenzen e.V

7 days Iftar package in Ghana including 5kg rice, 1 l oil, 2 cans tuna, 2 packets spaghetti, 30x 200ml water for 15€.


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